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Home Products Calpond Gel

Calpond Gel

With Emulsifying Technology

Ionic Calcium and Magnesium Supplement

Composition :

Each 300 ml. contains

Calcium  43.5 gm.

Magnesium 2.5 gm.

Indications :

  • Prevention of hypocalcemia & milk fever.
  • Treatment of milk fever as follow up therapy after I.V. calcium.
  • To support normal parturition, to prevent uterine inertia, ROP, metritis & delayed involution.
  • To improve milk yield.

Feeding recommendations :

  • Administer one bottle 6-12 hours prior to expected calving & one bottle within 6-12 hours after calving.
  • Another bottle can be administered within 18-24 hours after calving or as directed by Veterinarian.
  • Do not administer to animals that are unable to swallow.

Shake well before use.

Presentation :

300 ml.