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March 30, 2022

MEDVET partners with INNOVAD for animal feed additive

Innovad and Medvet Pharma Pvt. Ltd. are joining efforts to bring innovative solutions for animal feed and to address species-specific challenges with newly emerging solutions that rely less on medication. Whether you are a nutritionist, veterinarian or producer, we offer solutions for you that reduce disease, improve animal well-being and create a healthy environment. 

Our distribution cooperation has begun this August and together we’ll start by launching Novimold®Novicid®Escent® and Escent® S. This initial range supports the local animal feed sectors. 

Thanks to the science-based RISE® Platform behind our flagship product Escent® S, with proven efficacy in vivo, blood samples will be analysed for mycotoxins for the first time in the Republic of Nepal. Myco-Marker® diagnostics support will be utilised to determine the true mycotoxin risk and exposure to animals. 


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