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Home Products Dufamix Allround Vitamin Poultry Premix

Dufamix Allround Vitamin Poultry Premix

DufaMix Allround Poultry is our most versatile feed premix for poultry, containing balanced amounts of vitamins, trace elements and minerals. DufaMix Allround Poultry is added to the formulated diet to meet the requirements for optimal production and feed conversion, and can be used in all production stages simply by adjusting the inclusion rate. This way all your farm’s most crucial needs can be met by just one high-quality product at a fair price.


Packing : 25 kg

Home Products Novimold


Mould inhibitor

Novimold is a complete range of specifically designed mould inhibitors. Selection can be based on level of active ingredients, buffered or non-buffered mixes, liquid or dry, application, corrosiveness, surface tension reduction etc.

Based on know-how and experience, Innovad can investigate with the customer the most appropriate product and application for raw material protection, feed preservation or production process optimization

Home Products Novicid V

Novicid V

Optimal acidification to reach high performance

Organic acids clearly have the potential to improve the performance of the animals. Due to their multiple effects at physiological and cellular level, organic acids have a direct and indirect impact on digestive efficiency.

Two main organic acids form the backbone of the Novicid® product line:

  • Formic acid is a short chain organic acid with a high pH-reducing potential and high MIC values for several bacteria. Due to the high number of atoms per weight unit, it forms the ideal choice for a strong pH reducing acid mix.
  • Lactic acid originates from fermentation, is non-corrosive and very well accepted by the animal. This secures feed intake when high levels of acids are used. According to in house in vivo trial work and independent literature, lactic acid acts strongly against pathogenic E. Coli and is superior for the prevention of diarrhea.

In order to increase the efficiency of Novicid®, certain formulations are enriched with other compounds like benzoic acid, Medium Chain Fatty Acid, mono-esters of butyric acid or lauric acid to broaden the activity and obtain maximum functionality.

Home Products Escent-S


Combat Mycotoxin Related Stress :

  1. Supports the functions of the liver and the kidneys
  2. Prevents oxidative damage
  3. Stimulates the animal’s immunity
  4. Triggers biotransformation and detoxification processes within the liver
  5. Adsorbs & binds polar (water soluble) toxins