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Home Products Mycoban


3 In ONE (Mycotoxinbinder, Immuno – modulator & Acidifier)

Indication and Usage :

  • Prevents and Treats the mycotoxin infestation in Poultry
  • Immobilize or neutralize the toxins
  • Minimize the pathogenic flora present in water
  • Normalize or increase the immune system against diseases
  • Maintain GI tract PH
  • Increase FCR
  • Increase production

Dosage and Administration:
Prevention : 1ml per 5-10 ltr of drinking water for 3-5 consecutive days.
Treatment: 1ml per 2.5- 5ltr of drinking water for 3-5 consecutive days.

Presentation: 100ml , 500ml and 1ltr

Home Products Hepatonic


An ideal Liver Tonic


  • Fatty Liver Syndrome
  • Liver worms
  • Increases FCR
  • Liver Damage by excessive use of antibiotics
  • Liver damage by toxins
  • Increases egg and meat production

Dosage and administration:
Poultry : 1-2 ml per Liter of drinking water for 5-7 days.
Cattle and Horse: 20-50ml daily for 7 days.
Calf, Sheep and Goat : 5-10ml for 7 days.

Presentation : 500ml and 1ltr

Home Products Dufacoc 200 Plus WSP

Dufacoc 200 Plus WSP

Amprolium HCl                                                250 mg
Menadione sodium bisulphite                       5 mg
Sulfaquinoxaline sodium                                250 m

Dosage and administration:

For oral administration in drinking water.
Poultry: Therapeutic dose ……………100 g per 200 litres of water, for 5 – 7 days
(equivalent to 2500 chickens of 5 weeks of age or 1500 chickens of 10 weeks of age or 800 layers)


Home Products Coccino 30%

Coccino 30%

Sulphaclozine Sodium  300mg
with Vitamin K3 enriched    

Dosage and Administration:
Prevention : 1gm / liter of drinking water
Treatment :  1.5- 2.5gm / liter of drinking water

Presentation : 100gm and 500gm

Home Products Dufaminovit Oral

Dufaminovit Oral

Vitamins and Essential Amino Acids to build lean muscle mass, to improve health of joints, skin, coat and the immune system, and to enhance strength, energy, fertility, production and performance.

Dosage and Administration:
For oral administration in drinking water. Shake well before use.
Swine…………………………………………2 ml per litre of water
Poultry ……………… 1 ml per 5 litres of water, for 5-10 days

Once diluted, Dufaminovit Oral should be used immediately and refreshed every 24 hours for the duration of the treatment.

Presentation : 500ml and 1liter

Home Products Gentamycin 10% Inj

Gentamycin 10% Inj

Gentamicin (as sulphate)   100mg

Dosage and AdministrationFor intramuscular administration.
Recommended dose ……. 1 ml per 20 – 25 kg body weight,
preferably twice on the first day, followed by once daily for 3 to 5 days.


Presentation : 100ml vials

Home Products Eskatrim Suspension

Eskatrim Suspension

Sulphadiazine     BP      400mg
Trimethroprim   BP      80 mg


Dosage and Administration:
Prevention : 1ml / 10 liter of drinking water for for 2-3 days.
Treatment : 1ml/ 5liter of drinking water for 4-6 days.