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The Complete Energizer

Composition :

Multi gluconeogenic Precursors, Nicotinamide, Vitamin B12 Empowered with L-Carnitine & Choline Chloride

Benefits :

  • Improves blood glucose level.
  • Improves post-calving health & fertility.
  • Prevents & treats ketosis.
  • Improves milk production & sustains peak milk yield.
  • Improves feed intake.
  • Improves energy level in stress conditions.

Feeding recommendations :

  • To prevent NEB and ketosis after parturition:1st day 400 ml next 3 days 200 ml daily.
  • To achieve peak lactation: 100 ml daily from 5th day to 20th day.
  • As a supportive therapy in ketosis: 200ml daily for 7-10 days.
  • In high yielders: 200 ml daily from 5th day to 20th day.
    or as directed by Veterinarian.

Presentation :

1 litre