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Home Products Renonic


Revitalizes Renal Functions

Composition : Each 100ml. Contains :

Total Flavonoids                       0.4 gm.
Total Phenolic content             0.5 gm.
Methionine Hydroxyanloge     3 gm.
Potassium citrate                       2.5 gm.
Ammonium chloride                4.5 gm.
Sorbitol                                       4.5 gm.
Excipients                                   q.s


  • Improves and stimulates renal functions
  • Reduces inflammation associated with renal disorders
  • Prevents formation of urate crystals and dissolves already formed urates in the kidney
  • Helps in flushing of uric acid out of the body
  • Protects kidney from the damaging effect of drugs & chemicals
  • Prevents early chick mortality due to gout.


  • Prevention and treatment of gout
  • Nephritis
  • Nephrotoxicity
  • Ascites
  • Supportive therapy in IB, IBD, IBH, and FLKS

Feeding recommendation :

Chicks & Growers 5-10 ml/100 birds

Broilers 10-15 ml/100 birds

Layers 10-15 ml/100 birds

Breeders 15-20 ml/100 birds

or as directed by Veterinarians


1 litre