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Founded in 2006, Carus Laboratories dedicated to serving the entire animal race, has grown significantly. We offer veterinary solutions that are recognized as “Gold Standard” and “Need-Based Innovations,” with a global reach across nations. Our groundbreaking innovations, including KOL, Mecovet, Dozliv, Calpond, and ORT Calf, have achieved tremendous success in the Indian veterinary industry. Headquartered in Karnal, Haryana, we have expanded our presence across the nation, making us one of the leading animal healthcare companies in India with an impressive turnover of over 80 crores and a dedicated team of more than 400 professionals working tirelessly for our company’s growth. Our commitment to “true conscientiousness” has been ingrained in every aspect of our company since its inception, and we are determined to continue our relentless journey in serving animal health.